Reorient Retreat

Do you ever feel like you need a new perspective on your journey? God has called each one of us into an incredible adventure, but so many of us have lost track of our original destination and sense of purpose. We can so easily find ourselves flying blind, just hoping to catch a lucky break.

Take heart! Every traveler loses their sense of direction over many miles--it's simply part of being on a journey. It's wise to take out a compass and draw a line to something immovable. It's wonderful to rest, breathe, laugh, and connect with your fellow travelers. Suddenly things start to make sense again.

Reorient will help you triangulate to the essentials:


Encounter the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through interactive biblical teaching and wild, free worship.


Take your place in the greatest story you could imagine as you realize your essential role in the gospel.


Gear up for the mission in your local environment to make disciples and establish the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

What to Expect

3 nights
4 days

    Come with your small group, leadership team, or missional community for an extended weekend discipleship intensive and return to your local fellowship equipped, resourced, and inspired! (group rates are available)

    Or, come alone for rest, renewal, and connection.

    Come enjoy:
  • Interactive teaching and ministry times that will give you a fresh experience of the Triune God, his story, and our mission.
  • Afternoon leadership sessions to resource you for carrying the Biblical framework for living out the Gospel as the family of God back to your church community.
  • Opportunities for prayer and prophetic ministry
  • 24 hour worship and prayer space
  • Unspoiled wilderness, amazing food, historic lodging, and an array of family activities
  • Child care from the amazing Bear Trap Ranch staff (see below)
  • And of course, nightly sessions where we fill the whole valley with the sounds of worship and celebration!

Leadership Team

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Tim and Laurie Thornton

Primary Hosts/Teaching Team

Tim and Laurie Thornton are dedicated to making disciples who walk in all the joy, authority, hope and freedom that Jesus promised. Whether in leading worship, teaching, or discipleship their desire is to facilitate moments of encounter with God that will awaken people to their identity in God unto transformation, obedience, and a life of victory in Christ. Currently, Tim and Laurie steward a local missional community in Colorado Springs, where they live with their 3 kids, 3 chickens, and 1 dog.

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